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Capture the screen in Metro Style App in Windows

You can still use PrtSc button in keyboard to capture the screen and paste to MS Paint.

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The different between LightSwitch 2010 and LightSwitch 2012

There are 3 obvious differences between LightSwitch 2010 and LightSwitch 2012 1. The Task menu. 2. The Save and Refresh buttons. 3. The new data button. Note: LightSwitch 2012 is built-in to Visual Studio 2012

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Resources for Windows 8 Metro Style App development

How do I videos: MSDN Webcast Series – Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps Windows 8 Developer Camp – On Demand

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Total Browser market share

One site is showing IE is less than 40% in total market share in July 2012. Another is showing IE still has 48.95% of total market share. They should tell us how they derive the figures.

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