async and await c#

This article is to build a sample common async and await block.

It is a bit tricky and need to be careful when using async and await. I have copy and paste and to construct a console project for async and await sample.

Wait until the total is printed before you hit any key to quit.

class Program


    static void Main(string[] args)


        Task t = new Task(startasync);



        Console.WriteLine(“Press Enter to quit”);




    public static async void startasync()


        // One-step async call.

        await SumPageSizesAsync();


    private static async Task SumPageSizesAsync()


        // Make a list of web addresses.

        List<string> urlList = SetUpURLList();


            // Create a query.

    IEnumerable<Task<int>> downloadTasksQuery =

        from url in urlList select ProcessURLAsync(url);


    // Use ToArray to execute the query and start the download tasks.

    Task<int>[] downloadTasks = downloadTasksQuery.ToArray();


    // You can do other work here before awaiting.


    // Await the completion of all the running tasks.

    int[] lengths = await Task.WhenAll(downloadTasks);


    //// The previous line is equivalent to the following two statements.

    //Task<int[]> whenAllTask = Task.WhenAll(downloadTasks);

    //int[] lengths = await whenAllTask;


    int total = lengths.Sum();


    //var total = 0;

    total += urlContents.Length;



           string.Format(“\r\n\r\nTotal bytes returned:  {0}\r\n”, total));



    private static List<string> SetUpURLList()


        List<string> urls = new List<string>













        return urls;



    // The actions from the foreach loop are moved to this async method.

    private static async Task<int> ProcessURLAsync(string url)


        var byteArray = await GetURLContentsAsync(url);

        DisplayResults(url, byteArray);

        return byteArray.Length;



    private static async Task<byte[]> GetURLContentsAsync(string url)


        // The downloaded resource ends up in the variable named content.

        var content = new MemoryStream();


        // Initialize an HttpWebRequest for the current URL.

        var webReq = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url);


        // Send the request to the Internet resource and wait for

        // the response.

        Task<WebResponse> responseTask = webReq.GetResponseAsync();


        using (WebResponse response = await responseTask)


            // The following line can replace the previous two lines.

            //using (WebResponse response = await webReq.GetResponseAsync())


            // Get the data stream that is associated with the specified URL.

            using (Stream responseStream = response.GetResponseStream())


                // Read the bytes in responseStream and copy them to content.

                await responseStream.CopyToAsync(content);


                // The previous statement abbreviates the following two statements.


                // CopyToAsync returns a Task, not a Task<T>.

                //Task copyTask = responseStream.CopyToAsync(content);


                // When copyTask is completed, content contains a copy of

                // responseStream.

                //await copyTask;



        // Return the result as a byte array.

        return content.ToArray();



    private static void DisplayResults(string url, byte[] content)


        // Display the length of each website. The string format

        // is designed to be used with a monospaced font, such as

        // Lucida Console or Global Monospace.

        var bytes = content.Length;

        // Strip off the “http://&#8221;.

        var displayURL = url.Replace(http://&#8221;, “”);

        Console.WriteLine( string.Format(“\n{0,-58} {1,8}”, displayURL, bytes));



You can also download a single solution from The sample file name is My MSN ID is


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