Read Lotus Notes using C#

This short article shows you that the C# code that can work with Lotus Notes.

It took me awhile to find a working C# sample code. Google finally landed my at When I looked at the article is back in 2007. At that time, the Visual Studio should be 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0. At Lotus Notes side the version should be 6.x.

Let look at the most import 2 piece of code in this article. To get the Lotus Notes nsf file and get the View which is the code below.



Code snippet for establishing a Lotus notes session


//Lotus Notes Object Creation

_lotesNotesSession = new Domino.NotesSessionClass();

//Initializing Lotus Notes Session

_lotesNotesSession.Initialize( NotesPassword );

//Creating Lotus Notes DataBase Object

_localDatabase = _lotesNotesSession.GetDatabase( “”, “names.nsf”, false );

//creating Lotus Notes Contact View

_contactsView = _localDatabase.GetView( “Contacts” );

if( FetchServerData )

{ _lotusNotesServerSession = new Domino.NotesSessionClass();

  _lotusNotesServerSession.Initialize( NotesPassword );

  //Creating Lotus Notes DataBase Object

  _serverDatabase = _lotusNotesServerSession.GetDatabase

                  ( DominoServerName, “names.nsf”, false );

  //creating Lotus Notes Contact View

  _peopleView = _serverDatabase.GetView( “$People” ); }


}//end if(FetchServerData ) 


To loop through the View.

//Code snippet for iterating through the views and fetching data
    NotesViewEntryCollection  notesViewCollection =LotusNotesView.AllEntries;
    for( int rowCount = 1; rowCount <= notesViewCollection.Count; rowCount++ )
        //Get the nth entry of the selected view according to the iteration.
        NotesViewEntry viewEntry = notesViewCollection.GetNthEntry( rowCount );
        //Get the first document of particular entry.
        NotesDocument document =  viewEntry.Document;
        object documentItems = document.Items;
        Array itemArray1 = (System.Array)documentItems;
        for( int itemCount=0 ; itemCount< itemArray1.Length; itemCount++ )
            NotesItem notesItem = 
                            (Domino.NotesItem)itemArray1.GetValue( itemCount );
            //compare field value with specific value entered by user
            if( notesItem.Text !=null )
                if( (notesItem.Text.ToUpper()).StartsWith( fieldValue ))
                    Contact contact = new Contact();
                    for( int icount=0 ; icount< itemArray1.Length; icount++ )
                        NotesItem searchedNotesItem =
                            (Domino.NotesItem)itemArray1.GetValue( icount );
                        string FieldName = searchedNotesItem.Name.ToString();
                        //For FirstName
                        if( searchedNotesItem.Name == "FirstName" )
                            contact.FirstName= searchedNotesItem.Text;
                        //For LastName
                        if( searchedNotesItem.Name == "LastName" )
                            contact.LastName = searchedNotesItem.Text;
                        //For Office Phone Number
                        if( searchedNotesItem.Name == "OfficePhoneNumber" )
                            contact.OfficePhoneNumber = searchedNotesItem.Text;
                        if( searchedNotesItem.Name  == "InternetAddress" )
                            contact.EmailId = searchedNotesItem.Text;
                    }//end for
                    contactsList.Add( contact );
                }//End if


I tested it in Visual Studio 2013 and Lotus Notes 8.5.3 somehow it is still working.

You might hit the error “COM Error 80004005”. See this for information

You can also download the source code from The sample file name My MSN ID is


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