How to use SQLite with Visual Studio Project

This short article show you how to use SQLite with Visual Studio Project.

It is quite confusing when you have Compare SQL and SQLite. This article focus on SQLite.

You can use an open source tool to create the SQLite database db file and see the records.


Run the SqlCeToolbox. then you will get the tool in your Visual Studio.

To Create a Database using the tool

1.      Click on “Tools (menu item)”


2.      Click on “SQL Server Compact/SQLite Toolbox (menu item)”.


3.      Right click on “Add SQLite Connection… 


4.      Click on “Create… (button)” in “Add SQLite Connection”


5.      Type in the database name and click Save.


6.      Click on “Test Connection (text)” in “Add SQLite Connection” then click OK.



7.      Click on “mydb.db (SQLite) (tree view item)” to expand the database.


8.      Right click Table then click on “Build Table (beta)… “.


9.      After put in all the information you need then click on “Script! (text)” in “Build Table”.


10.   Click the Green Play (Run) button to create the table.



You can see now there is a Customer table created.



Install SQLite packages to the project

1.      Click on “Manage NuGet Packages for Solution… (menu item)”.


2.      Type SQLite in the Search box then you will see the SQLite package appear.


3.      Click Install.


4.      Click OK and you are done.



To insert the record into SQLite, the code as below

private static void WriteSQLite()


    using (SQLiteConnection conn = new SQLiteConnection(“data source=mydb.db”))


        using (SQLiteCommand cmd = new SQLiteCommand())


            string strSql = “INSERT INTO [Customer] ([Id],[CustName]) VALUES (1, ‘Ming’)”;

            cmd.CommandText = strSql;

            cmd.Connection = conn;





            // do something…







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7 Responses to How to use SQLite with Visual Studio Project

  1. Martha says:

    Thanks for this article.
    When I try to add SQLite through NuGet, it seems to install correctly. I get a message saying, “Successfully installed ‘SQLite 3.12.2’ to SQLite_test”.
    However, System.Data.SQLite never shows up in the list of references for my project, and copying your code gives me the error, “The type or namespace name ‘SQLiteConnection’ could not be found”.
    I can go back into NuGet and see that it claims that SQLite is installed. I can un-install and re-install, getting success messages each time.
    Thank you for any help you can provide.

    • chanmingman says:

      Can you create another project or try this in another machine?

      • Thanks for the reply.

        I have created a new project on a different PC and I’m getting the same problem.
        NuGet Manager says that SQLite is installed, but it is not listed under my project’s references.

        packages.config contains the lines:

        So it seems like the NuGet installation did something, but the SQLite code is still giving me errors: “The type or namespace name ‘SQLiteConnection’ could not be found”.

      • I tried creating a new project on a different PC. I get the same behavior.

      • chanmingman says:

        Very strange, one of the possibility I can think of is you may select a different package in nugget. Maybe you can use the Step Recorder to record the steps and email to me.

      • Under Step 2 & 3 of “Install SQLite packages to the project”, you highlight and install “sqlite” with an icon that looks like a rounded square with 2 dots inside it and one dot outside to the upper-left corner. That’s what I have been trying to install without success.

        I eventually tried installing “System.Data.SQLite”, the first item in the list of results, with an icon that looks like a piece of paper and a quill. That seemed to do the trick for me. It added the reference to my project and I am able to insert records with the code you provided.

        Thank you for all your help with this!

  2. chanmingman says:

    Great to hear that. /Sometime this is the problem with Open Source 🙂

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