Why use Java


Java is an object-oriented programming language that was first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995.  Back in the 90s all the programming languages were not GUI friendly. The only GUI friendly programming language was Visual Basic. Again, back in the 90s Visual Basic did not have the capability to support full object-oriented feature such as Inheritance.


Java is a portable language that can be executed through multiple platform compatible Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Furthermore, you can write code in Windows Operating System environment then deploy it onto the Linux Operating System environment.

In Mobile space

Java is also the native language used to develop the phone applications for Android Operating System. Android Operating System itself is also running on Java Runtime environment. For example, the Pokémon app that people are playing using Android mobile was developed using Java.

Easier to Maintain

Java is a statically-typed language. This means your code will have to be checked for errors before it can be compiled to become an application. In this way the syntax errors will be easier to identify. Since statically-typed languages such as Java are also more strict with the definitions of data members and member functions, you will have fewer surprises and unexpected errors, which means your codebase will be easier to maintain as it grows in size and complexity.


Java may not be the best language, depending on how you applied your programming language. With all the valid reasons mentioned above Java is going to stay for a decade or two. Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems in 2009. Java then became the primary language to build the Oracle stack, such as Oracle Fusion Middleware. As long as Oracle is doing well then Java will be useful. 

About chanmingman

Since March 2011 Microsoft Live Spaces migrated to Wordpress (http://www.pcworld.com/article/206455/Microsoft_Live_Spaces_Moves_to_WordPress_An_FAQ.html) till now, I have is over 1 million viewers. This blog is about more than 50% telling you how to resolve error messages, especial for Microsoft products. The blog also has a lot of guidance teaching you how to get stated certain Microsoft technologies. The blog also uses as a help to keep my memory. The blog is never meant to give people consulting services or silver bullet solutions. It is a contribution to the community. Thanks for your support over the years. Ming Man is Microsoft MVP since year 2006. He is a software development manager for a multinational company. With 25 years of experience in the IT field, he has developed system using Clipper, COBOL, VB5, VB6, VB.NET, Java and C #. He has been using Visual Studio (.NET) since the Beta back in year 2000. He and the team have developed many projects using .NET platform such as SCM, and HR based applications. He is familiar with the N-Tier design of business application and is also an expert with database experience in MS SQL, Oracle and AS 400.
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