Exchange Server 2016 services not started

The Exchange Server 2016 services were not started in my proof of concept server.

I put the follow commands in a batch file to start them at one go. Of course, this is not the option for real production server. For piloting, this maybe the fastest way.

net start MSExchangeADTopology

net start MSExchangeAntispamUpdate

net start MSComplianceAudit

net start MSExchangeCompliance

net start MSExchangeDagMgmt

net start MSExchangeEdgeSync

net start MSExchangeFrontEndTransport

net start MSExchangeHM

net start MSExchangeHMRecovery

net start MSExchangeIS

net start MSExchangeMailboxAssistants

net start MSExchangeMailboxReplication

net start MSExchangeDelivery

net start MSExchangeSubmission

net start MSExchangeNotificationsBroker

net start MSExchangeRepl

net start MSExchangeRPC

net start MSExchangeFastSearch

net start HostControllerService

net start MSExchangeThrottling

net start MSExchangeTransport

net start MSExchangeTransportLogSearch

net start MSExchangeUM

net start MSExchangeUMCR

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Install Exchange 2016 in Windows Server 2016

This post is showing you how to install Exchange 2016 in Windows Server 2016. Here is a pretty good step by step,, Somehow it doesn’t work if your Windows Server is 2016.

You need to do extra 3 steps to get the installation started.

1. Download and install Unified Communications Managed API 4.0 Runtime

2. Download and install Cumulative Update for Windows Server 2016 for x64-based Systems (KB3206632)

3. Download Exchange from here Cumulative Update 8 for Exchange Server 2016 (KB4035145)

You can forget about the Exchange server 2016 with 1.7 GB that you downloaded. That will not work. You will see the following error if you use that file.

The Windows component Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra isn’t installed on this computer and needs to be installed before Exchange Setup can begin.

Once you have done the additional 3 steps then you will be finish the Exchange 2016 installation like below.

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Microsoft Flow getting started

This post shows how to start with Microsoft Flow. This article also expect you to be familiar with SharePoint Online or Office 365 SharePoint. The might be other better way to get started. This is what I have been trying and I am sharing it with you.

I have a SharePoint List only with 2 columns. One Title, Text field, another Price, Number field. You can see Flow on top of the list.

Click on Flow then click Create a flow.

Choose Send a customized email when a SharePoint list item is added.

Click Create Flow.

Click the <- arrow,

Click the Edit.

Click on then select Delete for Send Email.

Click on then select Delete for Get my profile

Click New Step.

Under the Actions select Condition.

Select Price for list item. Condition choose is greater than. Condition enter 10.

If Yes then choose Send an email.

Enter the Email address in To, Subject, and Body. Click Save.

Click Save & Test.

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Where to find a Group Policy Management

In Windows Server 2016 I can no longer find the Group Policy Management as mentioned in

In Windows Server 2016 I open the Server Manager. In the Server Manager, go to Tools then choose Group Policy Management. That is how I get it. Probably there is another easier way.

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70-764 Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure passing

I just passed this exam today. There is a lot of questions regarding failover, AlwaysOn, Database Audit.

There is not much help but you can try the It will probably help you with 20-25% of the questions.

There were 12 Yes/No questions in my exam I most of the answers I put No except the one I was very sure the answer was Yes.

Do more long case studies from that was the area with more of the questions for my exam.

The class room training is pretty useless because it does not cover failover setup, AlwaysOn setup and so.

Hope prepaway,com will not go off very soon.

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How to shuffle the fields in PowerApp

This post is showing how to change the fields’ position in the DetailScreen of PowerApp. This is a bit trick.

I have a main page of PowerApp aa below.

Click on The DetailScreen to display the detail screen.

Click on the View on the top. Click on the field / Card. Click on the Properties. Lastly click on the three dots beside the field.

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Power BI find Percentage on 2 columns in 2 different table

This post is showing how to find an average if you have sum of 2 columns in 2 different tables.

For example, I have Sales 1 in Sheet 1.

I have Sales 3 in Sheet 2.

You will think to create a Measure to SUM the 2 columns as some of the posts show you. DON’T, it does not give you error but the figure will never be correct.

You need to create New column not measure but using the same SUM function.

CSales = SuM(Sheet1[Sale1]) + SUM(Sheet2[Sale3])

Then I create a measure like the one below.

Measure = (SUM(Sheet1[Sale1]) + SUM(Sheet2[Sale3])) / SUM(Sheet1[CSales])

This may not be a perfect way but it works for me after trying a lot of methods the Internet suggested.

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