How to deploy On-Premise Microsoft SQL Database to Windows Azure SQL Database

This short article shows you how to move On-Premise Microsoft SQL Database to SQL Azure Database.

In the past we have struggling to restore the database to SQL Azure but unfortunately this is not happening.

Somehow Microsoft added a feature Deploy Database to Windows Azure SQL Database in SQL Management Studio.

To export the On-Premise Microsoft SQL Database to Windows Azure SQL Database, do the following.

1.      Start SQL Management Studio 2014.

2.      Right click on the database that you want to export, for example “NORTHWND (tree item)”.

3.      Select Deploy Database to Windows Azure SQL Database.


4.      Click on “Next > (button)” in “Deploy Database ‘NORTHWND'”.


5.      Click on “Connect… (button)” in “Deploy Database ‘NORTHWND'”.


6.      Type the authentication for your Windows Azure SQL Server.


7.      Select on “S0 (list item)” if you remember the price showing in my previous blog. Click Next.


8.      Review the summary then click on “Finish button)”.


9.      Click Close when it is done.



You can now sign in to your portal and check.

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How to get Windows Azure with USD 100 credit for 3 months

This short instruction let you know how to get Windows Azure with USD 100 for 3 months.

Go on to the link below:

Click Activate Now.


Once you get the Validation Code then you can fill in the rest of the details in the Azure portal.


Seriously, I am not sure how long will this offer available but I activated one.

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How to download and install Power BI

This short writing shows you where to get Power BI Desktop.

1.      Go to

2.      Click Products then choose Power BI Desktop.


3.      Click on Download.


4.      Run the file that you just downloaded.

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Skype for Business always crash

This short steps is for those Skype always crash.

For me, my Skype crashes every time I type my authentication after I installed Microsoft Project or Microsoft Visio.

Do the following.

1. Start your Microsoft Word.

2. Click on File.


3. Click on Update Option.


4. Click Update Now.


That resolved my problem.

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Create SQL Azure Database

This short article is to show you how to create SQL Azure Database and the cost of creating them.

I use the Fee Trail license that I have.

1. First login in to my

2. You will see SQL Databases

3. Click on that and click the + on top.

4. Type in your Database name.


5. Create the new Server if you do not have one.

6. Type in the Server name and the login.

The login is important because that is how you can login using your SQL Management Studio.


7. The critical part is now, make sure you don’t choose the server that you don’t need. The default one chosen for me is the S2 which cost thousands. I choose the S0 which you can see it is USD 12.65.clip_image005

8. Once you choose your server then click Select.

9. Now you can click Create.

You can see your SQL Azure Database is Deploying now.


You will see your database in SQL Databases. When you click on the database then you will see the details.


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Adjust date and time using Internet Server

This short article shows you how to adjust the date and time automatically from the Internet Server.

You need to do this if you have many computers with the spoiled battery like I do or you have changed your time zone. This task sounds simple but I have taken quite some times to get it done.

To do this using GUI.

1.      Right click the Clock.

2.      Left click on “Adjust date/time (menu item)”.



3.      Left click on “Additional date, time, & regional settings (hyper link)” in “Settings”.


4.      Left click on “Set the time and date (link)” in “Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region”.


5.      left click on “Internet Time (tab item)” in “Date and Time”.


6.      left click on “Change settings… (button)” in “Date and Time”.


7.      Left click on “Update Now”.


To do this in command prompt.

1.      Start Command Prompt as Administrator.

2.      Type net startw32time.

You might not need to run this command if your Windows Time service is already running.

3.      Type w32tm /resync /force.

Many websites are asking you to type w32tm /resync you bet, that will not work all the time for me.

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Choose component to install in Microsoft Office 2016

This short article shows you an option to choose components to install while installing Office 2016.

Don’t know for what stupid reason Microsoft has removed the installation step that let you choose what component you would like to install for Microsoft Office 2016.

The only way to choose the component is to edit configuration.xml. How do you get configuration.xml file?

1.      Download the Office 2016 Deployment Tool

Then you will get a file officedeploymenttool_6612-6353.exe.


2.      Run officedeploymenttool_6612-6353.exe then you get another 2 file, configuration.xml and Setup.exe.

3.      Edit the configuration.xml.


  <Add OfficeClientEdition=32 Branch=Current>

    <Product ID=O365ProPlusRetail>

      <Language ID=en-us />

      <Language ID=en-us />

      <ExcludeApp ID=Access />

      <ExcludeApp ID=Groove />

      <ExcludeApp ID=InfoPath />

      <ExcludeApp ID=Lync />

      <ExcludeApp ID=OneNote />

      <ExcludeApp ID=PowerPoint />

      <ExcludeApp ID=Publisher />

      <ExcludeApp ID=SharePointDesigner />


    <Product ID=VisioProRetail>

      <Language ID=en-us />



  <!–  <Updates Enabled=”TRUE” Branch=”Current” /> –>

  <!–  <Display Level=”None” AcceptEULA=”TRUE” />  –>

  <!–  <Property Name=”AUTOACTIVATE” Value=”1″ />  –>


Based on the above ExcludeApp ID Office 2016 will only install Word, Excel, Outlook, and Visio.

4.      Run Setup.exe /configure configuration.xml.


It took me 5 hours to install over 2 mega bit line. It is called We’ll be done in just a moment.

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