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Change Text Box background color in SQL Server Reporting Service – SSRS

If you double click the Text Box for example in below figure, Phase1_EndDt. The Placeholder Properties dialog appears. From there you will not able to see any background color property. You must make sure Text Box is selected but not … Continue reading

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Trace the time taken from one web page (aspx) to another web site for layman

This is for ASP.NET but the idea can be taken to other platform provides the feature is available. Firstly, create a TimeTrace class. publicstaticclassTimeTrace {   publicstaticStopwatch sw;           static TimeTrace()         {     sw = newStopwatch();         } … Continue reading

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AsParallel() in join LINQ statement

A question rose after the parallel programming session delivered during the Application Life Cycle User Conference 2010 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) back in July 2010. The question is how many AsParallel method should we use in a LINQ … Continue reading

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EntityDataSource filter using where with LIKE keyword but Contains method.

If you have a SQL statement like this.   SELECT * FROm Products WHERE ProductName LIKE ‘%Ch%’   In LINQ you might want to do.   var pp = from p in db.Products where p.ProductName.Contains("Ch") select p;   Yes, this … Continue reading

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Ajax HTMLEditor read and write using Entity Framework

1.       Create a table with a Text data type.   2.       Create an Empty Web Application.     3.       Create a webform with the following Web Control. Ajax Toolkit is required. <body>     <form id="form1" runat="server">     <div>         <asp:ScriptManager … Continue reading

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