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Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding (SQLUtilities)

Recently I have written a small search utility to search the text contain in SQL database. This utility was divided into three major parts. One important trick to avoid the above error is as follow:   1.       Retrieving all the … Continue reading

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The report parameter ‘sales’ has a DefaultValue or a ValidValue that depends on the report parameter “sales”. Forward dependencies are not valid.

LiveJournal Tags: Reporting Services Parameter Error Technorati Tags: Reporting Services Parameter Error Normally you will encounter the above error when you intend to make your parameter as a selection (dropdown) as follows: When developers try it in the first time and … Continue reading

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How-to Passing parameter for Analysis Services using MDX from Reporting Services

In order to navigate from one report to another report that with parameter (Create a report with parameter) the developer will add a link by performing the following steps: 1. Right click the Textbox on the report –> Properties 2. … Continue reading

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How-to start Business Intelligence in Microsoft SQL Server

Business Intelligent is a concept. The users will not find a single product called Business Intelligent in Microsoft products’ stacks instead of Business Intelligent in Microsoft is formed by using various sets of Microsoft’s services and products. Business Intelligent can … Continue reading

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One thing you cannot achieve using command prompt but Windows PowerShell

I found it is not so special to run vbs (Visual Basic Script) in Windows PowerShell because most of the time you can do that using cscript with command prompt (cmd.exe). But what I guarantee you cannot do is to … Continue reading

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