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Windows 7 do recognize Maxis Broadband Modem

This is just a short notice for those living in Malaysia only, I have just tested it today. So users do not need to pull back on installing Windows 7 because of they are not sure whether the Maxis Broadband … Continue reading

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Back to basic (Part 1): Adding single row / record using LINQ to Entities

Create a sample database named Beancurd in SQL Server. (Get SQL Express 2008 CREATEDATABASE Beancurd Switch to Beancurd database USE Beancurd Create  a table Beancurds table in Beancurd database CREATETABLE Beancurds (BeancurdID intPRIMARYKEY, BeancurdType NVARCHAR(50), Qty int ) Start … Continue reading

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Calling Methods Asynchronously, revision

When you get to the article on MSDN, Calling Synchronous Methods Asynchronously, you might want to start to try out the code in a single program. There is somehow tricky in this article that you will see 4 main functions … Continue reading

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TechInsight – up coming

Why you should join us more than 20 mind-boggling breakout sessions up close and personal with MVPs gain competitive edge by learning new technologies Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, IT Security, User Experience and many others. Don’t say we did … Continue reading

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The new look of Workflow Foundation in .NET Framework 4.0

Workflow Foundation has a complete new look in .NET Framework 4.0. Below is how the Workflow Foundation 3.5 with an If branch looks like. The same Workflow structure in Workflow Foundation 4.0 There is a new type of Workflow in … Continue reading

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