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SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) – why efficient and easy

When people say SSIS is easy to use what do they actually mean? Let me just do a step by step to transfer a table from one database to another to explain how it work. I will transfer a Table … Continue reading

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Transfer picture (jpg) over the network using NetworkStream

Normally people will think if they want to transfer the picture over network in between 2 computers then Socket.Send will be used. People think of that could be because of the confusion of the name of the namespace using System.Net.Sockets. … Continue reading

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One of the common mistakes in Analysis Services calculation using MDX (LAG)

Many people out there treat a cube as a relational database. Remember one thing if the cube is the same relational database then it does not need another language called MDX. Let’s go to Analysis Services tutorial lesson. We create … Continue reading

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