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Java and .NET Web Services Interoperation Training

The slides, Java Web Service and .NET client are all in my This is session conducted on 15th January 2010. TheWebServicesPlatform.xpsConAppJavaWS.rar JavaWSCalculator2.rar

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Antivirus from Microsoft free

One of my biggest problems in the past is where to find antivirus after installing Windows® operating system. Today this is no longer an issue to me because Microsoft has free antivirus for Windows®. To download and play with it: … Continue reading

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Virtual function in C# in depth

In a simple term, in order to override a function in base class with implementation that function in base class must be virtual. Consider the code below. class MyBase {   public void GetData()   {     int Length = 0;   } }          … Continue reading

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Open / Read Excel content in C#

To read the content in Excel file using C# is not as hard but it is not too easy too. The reason for not so easy to read it is because over the years the syntax to read an Excel … Continue reading

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RSS Feed in C# complete code

I was looking for quick way to create a RSS Reader in C# and I found a download in Somehow the code has 2 very nice classes without implementation code. Following is the code for console application: RssManager ObjRss … Continue reading

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