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Passing Entity Framework edmx over WCF Services, using var at receiving end

1. Create a WCF Service2. Create an entity model with the Beancurds table3. Change the IService.cs file as follow[ServiceContract]public interface IService{    [OperationContract]    List<BeancurdModel.Beancurd> GetData();}4. Change the Service.cs file as follow.public class Service : IService{public List<BeancurdModel.Beancurd> GetData(){BeancurdModel.BeancurdEntities context = new BeancurdModel.BeancurdEntities(); var … Continue reading

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Add, Update, or Remove a Service Reference – WCF

For example, below is my WCF Service URL. http://localhost/WCFServiceBC/Service.svc 1. Right click the project in Solution Explorer then choose Add Service Reference. 2. Paste the address, click Go then click OK. 3. You will see your reference added. In my … Continue reading

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Build Your First ASP.NET Application with ASP.NET Web Forms (Video)

If you are looking for a video “Build Your First ASP.NET Application with ASP.NET Web Forms” in web site then you will get to involve in MS SQL Server and Gridview control which is somehow complicated for a first … Continue reading

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Migration From Windows XP to Windows 7 (Video)

Bear in mind this is migration but not direct upgrade so do not feel being cheated.

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The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded. To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedMessageSize property on the appropriate binding element – When get the return from WCF Services.

If you hit the error message above and your Visual Studio looks like below. Open web.config file and look for the basicHttpBinding and change maxBufferSize and masReceivedMessageSize like the follow.   <basicHttpBinding>     <binding name=“BasicHttpBinding_IService“ closeTimeout=“00:01:00“      openTimeout=“00:01:00“ receiveTimeout=“00:10:00“ sendTimeout=“00:01:00“ … Continue reading

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Call a Method / member function dynamically using Type.InvokeMember

When you come into a situation you can only know what method to call during run time then the code below will be extremely useful to you. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Reflection;   namespace ConAppInvoke … Continue reading

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How to: Bracket Data Submissions by Using Transactions (LINQ to Entity)

Once you have created the Entity Framework then you can insert data to your database. The code below will insert the data into 2 tables, Orders and OrderDetails. In error free condition this piece of code will run perfectly.        … Continue reading

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