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What is KING

What is KING? KING is a user group communities – a non-profit, independent organization, chartered with supporting all user groups interested in the Microsoft .Net Platform. KING is run by a board of IT professional and developer. The user group … Continue reading

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Access COM/Serial Port in ASP.NET

Here is another hot topic in the newsgroup. Many developers including myself have a doubt that can we access to COM/Serial port in the machine that is running IIS? After playing with some code, I think the answer is yes, … Continue reading

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Backing up the outlook emails

My friend sent me an email today and said “I like outlook but how do I backup my emails from Microsoft Outlook 2007”. That makes me search through the for quite some time but unfortunately, no luck. So I … Continue reading

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Regex.Replace vs String.Replace

In C# newsgroup I used to see the question on “how to replace string?”. Someone gives the String.Replace solution but other may use Regex.Replace. There are somehow behaving differently. Try to run this sample that I extended it from the … Continue reading

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A quick and dirty sample for GridView Paging

In the local community there is this common question asked “How do enable paging if I bind to my own object at run time?” Here I have a quick and dirty sample. I call it dirty because the reader will … Continue reading

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TableAdapter Update

This question actually asks quite often in newsgroup. I demo it here using Northwind database in SQL 2007 and Visual Studio 2005. After creating a Data Sources from Northwind ( then drag the Orders to the Windows Form as Details … Continue reading

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