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Roslyn Script Engine sample

The code of this sample is taking from Anders’s Build 2011 video. I put them in a project if you are lazy to type.   classProgram {   staticvoid Main(string[] args)   {     ScriptEngine engine = new ScriptEngine();     … Continue reading

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Simple Roslyn sample

I have not found a sample Roslyn project that can download and run. I have put the code in the blog into a project so you can download and run it.   classProgram {   staticvoid Main(string[] args)   … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Training Kit

It is good to try this out. Some samples I have tried and there run. Download VS11 if you do not have one.

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Mango Nokia phone model Lumia 800

Finally Nokia has a Windows Phone 7.5.

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How to remove the grey background from Microsoft Word

When some people look at the picture below then they most likely will guess it is a text highlight or table cell. Unfortunately it is neither of it.   It is actually shading.  See the video below. How to remove … Continue reading

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Column does not appear in Dataset xsd

As shown in picture below. Notices column is missing from Dataset.   The reason is the data type for Notices is nvarchar(MAX). Change the data type if you want it to appear automatically.

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How to: Export MySQL table to Excel

  1. Read MySQL Table into DataReader.   publicMySqlDataReader MySQLConnect() {   string strConn = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[“dbConnectionString”].ConnectionString;   MySqlConnection conn = newMySqlConnection(strConn);   conn.Open();     string strSQL = “SELECT * FROM om_org_structure_ostr”;   MySqlCommand cmd = newMySqlCommand(strSQL, conn);     … Continue reading

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