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Visual Studio 2013 installation can go up to more than 8 hours

I started at 10 am and ended at 6.25 pm. So sometime installing over the Internet is not a good idea.

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SharePoint-Hosted application does not support C# in SharePoint 2013

C# has to run at the backend so SharePoint-hosted application cannot use C#. Do not waste your time to make C# work in SharePoint 2013 SharePoint-Hosted application.   Check this:

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Where to download Visual Studio 2012 Test Controller

When you want to download the Test Controller for Visual Studio 2012 from MSDN then do not type “Test Controller”. You will see the following screen if you type “Test Controller”. Nothing in the search is correct.   The correct … Continue reading

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How to clone a List in SharePoint 2013

When you read an article Copying or moving SharePoint lists You will see a section like the following: 1.         Create a list template based on the list. How? 1.         On the top link bar, click Documents and Lists. 2.         … Continue reading

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Read and write a text file using C#

The sample below is one of the most use functionality in programming. public static void ReadWriteString(string strInFile, string strOutFile) {    String strLine;      List<string> strList = new List<string>();    StreamReader streamReader = new StreamReader(strInFile);      StreamWriter sw … Continue reading

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AMD Server APU Processor

AMD today publicly disclosed its strategy and roadmap to recapture market share in enterprise and data center servers by unveiling innovative products that address key technologies and meet the requirements of the fastest-growing data center and cloud computing workloads. Additionally, … Continue reading

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How to create and deploy SharePoint 2013 online application

1. When you create a project then you must choose Office/SharePoint -> Apps -> App for SharePoint 2013.   2. When you are in the New app for SharePoint dialog then you must choose SharePoint-hosted in How do you want … Continue reading

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