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Migrate / Move local MS SQL database to SQL Azure – video

1. Create a database in SQL Azure name northwind. 2. Right click the northwind database, go to Tasks… and select Generate script. 3. Choose the objects that you want to script. 4. Click the Advance button. 5. Under the Script … Continue reading

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Develop and deploy your first simplest Windows Azure sample – video

Watch the video below.     Resources:

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Create a sub row in ListView

If you want to create a sub row like below.        Change the EditTemplate in ListView as below.   <EditItemTemplate>   <trstyle=””>     <td>       <asp:ButtonID=”UpdateButton”runat=”server”CommandName=”Update”Text=”Update”/>         <asp:ButtonID=”CancelButton”runat=”server”CommandName=”Cancel”Text=”Cancel”/>     </td>      <td>        <asp:TextBoxID=”EmpNameTextBox”runat=”server”Text=’<%# Bind(“EmpName”) %>‘/> … Continue reading

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Fake Anti-virus software Win 7 Total Security 2011

Watch out when you are looking for FREE anti-virus software.  If you get something like Win 7 Total Security 2011 then good luck to you. Somehow I found a link to clean it but I never tried because I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Cannot open server ‘oca4xx33xx’ requested by the login. Client with IP address ‘’ is not allowed to access the server. To enable access, use the SQL Azure Portal or run sp_set_firewall_rule on the master database to create a firewall rule for this IP address or address range. It may take up to five minutes for this change to take effect. Login failed for user ‘adminabc’.

Add a firewall rule to resolve this problem as the picture below. Make sure you are using SQL Server 2008 R2.

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Error Attaching the debugger in Windows Azure SDK 1.3

If you encounter the error like us “There was an error attaching the debugger to the IIS….” as below.     I solved the error by changing the target .NET Framework to 3.5 instead of 4.0. Good luck.   Resources: … Continue reading

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Send email through gmail smtp server,, using C# – sample

Gmail is providing free smtp server so does yahoo. The sample below is using gmail.   using System.Net.Mail; using System.Net;   namespace ConAppNetMail {   class Program   {     static void Main(string[] args)     {       MailMessage newMessage = new MailMessage(); … Continue reading

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