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AMD Radeon™ HD 7900 Series Graphics Real-Time Demos Tag

You can watch the movie or play the demo. Download them from: You can pick up all the GPU demos here:

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Simple sample on how to use backbone.js for ASP.NET MVC3

I have created a strip down version of Look at the View folder there is another folder named StoreManager. Genres.cshtml is inside this folder. There is a line to include the backbone file.   <scriptsrc=”@Url.Content(“~/Scripts/StoreManager/Genre.js”)”type=”text/javascript”></script>   When you look … Continue reading

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Set ASP.NET Label text with Javascript

The ASP label id is Label1 and the ClientID in javascript is just need to be there. You cannot do   document.getElementById(“Label1”).innerHTML = SelValue;   it just won’t work.   What you need is   document.getElementById(‘<%= Label1.ClientID %>‘).innerHTML = SelValue; … Continue reading

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ASP.NET Web Form template is back in VS 11

Web Form template has been removed in VS 2010. Because of the need and friendliness VS 11 put back the Web Form template. You can create it by choose File from pull down menu then New -> Project…. Select Web … Continue reading

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Access is denied in MVC 4 Intranet Application in VS 11

When you are creating MVC Intranet Application like below in VS 11.   You run the application by pressing Internet Explorer then you will hit the Access in denied error as below.   Open the Wen.config file and comment out … Continue reading

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‘Spring.Objects.Factory.Xml.XmlObjectFactory.XmlObjectFactory(Spring.Core.IO.IResource)’ has some invalid arguments

This article of injection is one of the good one. Somehow if you download the code the you will have error on this line of code.   XmlObjectFactory xmlObjectFactory = newXmlObjectFactory(stream);   The error as below.   The best overloaded … Continue reading

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Response redirect does not redirect to external url

I have seen a lot of this issue in forum people is asking why   Response.Redirect(“http:////;);   Or   Response.Redirect(,true);   is not redirected to the web site or external web site. The right syntax should be   Response.Redirect(“;);

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