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Threading and parallel programming in .NET

  One day business owner has come to me and said “I think I should concentrate on business. I do not need a super programmer to spend more than 50% of the time to make an effective program. I want … Continue reading

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Talking about Tech Insights 2010

Don’t miss   Quote Tech Insights 2010

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You are viewing a feed that contains frequently updated content

When you are developing ADO.NET Data Services or WCF Data Services then you will have a file with svc extension. For the one here is WCFDataService.svc. Once you Browse this file using Internet Explorer (IE) then you will see the … Continue reading

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The love of Office 2010

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Session State using SQL Server Express 2008 in Windows 7

1.       Start Management Studio 2.       Connect to SQL Server Express 2008 3.       Click New Query 4.       Run the following SQL statements (you do not need this if your SQL Server is above Express edition) EXECUTEsp_configure‘show advanced options’, 1 RECONFIGUREWITHOVERRIDE GO … Continue reading

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