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How to Bind DataGridView to LINQ (var)

  On 19th May 2008, I posted this to newsgroup: ———————————————————————————————————— Hello all, I have the following code:     public void displayProducts()     {       try       {         productsAdapter = new OracleDataAdapter();         string strSQL = "SELECT * FROM … Continue reading

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How to recover dual-boot in Windows XP and Windows Server 2008

  Few days back I posted the following message: I have installed Win XP SP2 then Windows Server 2008 everything is working fine. After I have downloaded WinXP SP3 and installed it. My dual-boot is no longer working. How can … Continue reading

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Oracle at Microsoft TechEd 2008

  Oracle is sponsoring TechEd again in 2008 with the showcases of Oracle Database 11, ODP.NET and more. This is a good time to take a look on how Microsoft and Oracle are working together. For detail please visit:

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The specified display mode is currently disabled on this page. Make sure personalization is enabled for the current user.

  This error message causes by more than a factor. For me to solve the problem I did the following: Click ASP.NET Conguration -> click on Security Tab -> Select authentication type -> From a local network I hit the … Continue reading

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